Your advertising in cafés, bars, restaurants and take-aways

You have the know-how, the creative ideas and a very smart art director. We at PROPAGANDA Ltd. tell you where and when you can bring your ideas to the desired target group! It's over for boring coffee cream lids and beer coasters – Now it's your turn! Soon the product of your wishes could lure the target group into the trend location. You have the power to decide whether Ferrero's cravings for Latte Macchiato will come up in the future, or whether the calorie saving for coffee with Assugrin will continue.
We implement your campaign in an effective and professional way – nationally or only in selected regions. Depending on the advertising medium, we have suitable locations all over Switzerland. The choice of the restaurants, cafes and bars is determined by the desired region and your target group.

Target group and target region
The target group can be determined by sociodemographic or behavioral orientation (e.g. young people, partygoers, students, families, active athletes, businessmen, working class etc.). We supply the cafes and restaurants with your advertising message suitable for your target group.
D-CH: Zurich, Basel, Berne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and another 20 cities.
F-CH: Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Sions and other cities.
I-CH: Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Ascona, Chiasso and other cities.

Total potential of locations
From the total potential of the locations, we select the most suited ones for your target group and region for the most effective use of the advertising media.
30 - 250 restaurants up to 200'000 placemats
30 - 300 restaurants up to 240'000 coasters
30 - 300 cafés up to 1 million sugar bags
40 - 240 take-aways up to 600'000 napkins
20 - 150 restaurants and bars up to 60'000 matchboxes
20 - 100 pizza delivery services up to 120'000 pizza boxes
Options for combination
Increase the advertising pressure by combining different advertising media in the gastro area. We would be glad to advise you which advertising media is ideal for your target audience, or where an additional indoor poster or the use of flyers is effective.

Production of advertising media
In addition to the distribution, we also realize the production of the advertising material for you. As with distribution, we also fully rely on quality in the production process. For this reason, we only work with well-known manufacturers. In the case of pizza boxes, we ensure that the cardboard quality is 100% food safe. Of course, you are free to submit the advertising material for distribution.
Please observe the lead times resp. delivery times for the individual advertising media during production