The perfect way to reach coffee and tea drinkers: with your advertising message on sugar sachets you address the target group very directly in a comfortable moment having a coffee or tea cup.
It’s a marketing tool with a broad advertising impact.

– Cost-effective
– High number of contacts per campaign
– Selectively reaching the target group
– Low scattering loss
– Accurate regional use
– Teaser and resolution campaign in combination with advertisement on placemats

Campaign with 500,000 Sugar Sachets

Production of sugar sachets, one type in two languages

German: 380,000 sugar sachets / French: 120,000, or as required

Distribution in the German and French part of Switzerland

Distribution and use of sugar sachets over 3 to 4 weeks in 140 locations with an average of 3,500 pcs.

Controlling, restocking and reporting

Campaign with 100,000 Sugar Sachets

Production of sugar sachets, one type in one language

Distribution in one language region, one to three towns

Distribution and use of advertising media over 3 to 4 weeks in 28 locations

Controlling, restocking and reporting