From trendy restaurants and bars with a young audience to classy hotel bars with an international clientele: advertising on matchboxes are an increasingly popular advertising medium, due to its popularity with a wide range of target groups. The use of the matchsticks is guaranteed.

– Cost-effective in production
– Repetitive contact with the advertising on the matchbox
– Emotional connection, e.g. when lighting candles or lightning a fire in the fireplace
– Up to 50 contacts per box of matches
– Very practical advertising medium

Campaign with 60,000 Matchboxes

Production of matchboxes, one type in two languages

German: 45’000 matchboxes / French: 15’000 matchboxes, or as required

Distribution in the German and French part of Switzerland

Distribution and use of matchboxes over 3 to 4 weeks in 120 locations with an average of 500 matchboxes

Controlling, restocking and reporting

Campaign with 20,000 Matchboxes

Production of matchboxes, one type in one language

Distribution in one language region, 1 to 2 towns

Distribution and advertising over 3 to 4 weeks in 40 locations

Controlling, restocking and reporting